"The natural snow we received in December was record-setting, with all-time highs in the mountains," said Joe Stevens of the West Virginia Ski Areas Association.

"That did a couple of things. It allowed the resorts to open up more trails quicker, and when you have natural snow you have freezing temps, so we had the snow guns going 24-7."

That meant West Virginia resorts headed into Christmas with abundant terrain, and that translated into lots of skiers and snowboarders on the slopes, Stevens said.

"We saw 250,000 skier visits the week before, the week of, and the week after Christmas," he said.

"Conditions have only gotten better. What we haven't seen this winter is freeze-thaw. Temps have stayed steadily below freezing. The most important thing for us, however, is that sometimes it's tough to convince people in our metro areas where we draw from, when it's 50 degrees in their back yard, that there's snow here. But this year they've gotten considerable amounts of snow, or it's been cold, and if they see that snow in their back yard they know darn well there's snow in the mountains of West Virginia," Stevens said.

He said the state's resorts had a strong MLK weekend, with interest ramping up at the end of the week leading into the weekend.

"People are booking so much closer in. They are not guessing what the weather is going to be, they're waiting until the last minute to book. People have only so much expendable money, and when they spend, they're going to spend on something they know is happening," he said.

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