"It was a pretty tight race," said [R259R, Mountain Creek's] Halley O'Brien, "but Matt's design was chosen by our Facebook fans, with 243 votes."

What's this all about? Well, Mountain Creek and its terrain park consultants, the Friends Crew, came up with a contest to design a feature.

"We opened it up to the public, announced it on our Website, and on Facebook, and invited everyone to conceptualize and design a park feature," O'Brien said.

She said Mountain Creek received a slew of entries - hundreds - in many mediums including 3D renderings, dioramas, and hand-drawn plans.

"We narrowed it down to three of the best, with the criteria being what would most of our clientele enjoy seeing in the park, and opened the judging up to Facebook fans to choose the winner," she said.

Matt Nametko got 243 votes, and the other two finalists had 150 and 72 votes, respectively.

Mountain Creek is home to the All-Mountain Terrain Park at Mountain Creek South.  South boasts 18 dedicated park trails, two high-speed quad lifts, and more than 80 features.

South has the Bear Base Arena where Mountain Creeks hosts freestyle events throughout the season, and the South Lodge, which is home to Red Bull skate bowl. 

More information. Or call 973-827-2000.