[R403R, Snowbasin] successfully cleared the first hurdle for future expansion with a rezoning approval by the Weber County, Utah Commissioners.

The recent unanimous decision now puts 3,800 acres of the Snowbasin resort into a zone that permits development of homes, condos, hotels, golf courses and other resort facilities, according to the Ogden Standard-Examiner. The land, all privately owned by Snowbasin Resort Company, had previously been designated as non-developable forest land.

Part of the county's decision included a limitation of developments to about 20 percent, or 755 acres, of the total project area, through cluster housing and a prohibition of development on sensitive lands, according to news reports. About 3,000 acres should remain as open space.

The ordinance that formalized the decision also included a reinvestment fee that will add a 1 percent fee to all initial sales of residential properties -- including lots, homes and condos -- that will be put into an account used to fund recreational amenities in the development, according to the newspaper.

The resort owners have a master plan in place for another 8,000 acres in neighboring Morgan County, which hasn't formally considered that portion of the ambitious expansion plans. The resort ownership, headed by [R440R, Sun Valley Resort] owners Earl and Carol Holding, has said that it could take up to 50 years to build out the plans, depending upon market demand.

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