Everyone dreads the rush hour drive to and from the Front Range to the mountains on powder weekends. Two websites have combined efforts to try to make it easier for travelers, and better for drivers by offering carpooling options.

"With a long term solution to I-70 congestion many years off, we need to look at short term strategies to reduce traffic now. Carpooling is a way to get cars off the road at peak travel times, plus it has the added benefit of helping the environment and reducing travel costs," says Margaret Bowes with the I-70 Coalition.

GoI70.com and SkiCarpool.org are now in partnership to arrange carpools. GoI70.com is a website that provides information on road conditions, accidents, or backups along I-70. Around 1400 carpools happened last year, because of the sites. It's happening again. "SkiCarpool is happy to partner with GoI70.com and the I-70 Coalition on providing solutions to ease traffic congestion on I-70 this winter."

The SkiCarpool website is easy to use. Check the rideboard for a post that might work for you or make a post of your own. Another option is to "Search profiles," which helps you find a driver or rider with similar days available, or who has the same favorite area to visit. You then communicate directly with the person to arrange details on where to meet, and whether there are any travel expenses. SkiCarpool also recommends you get some personal information such as a driver's license, and meet in a public place for committing to going on the trip. Then you need to figure out if you are comfortable riding with that person.

Some areas ([R113R, Copper], [R77R, Breckenridge], [R197R, Keystone], [R20R, Arapahoe Basin]) offer deals to those who carpool, such as premium parking or discounted lift tickets. The Town of Vail provides parking updates and text alerts. These carpool incentives are listed in the Transit & Parking section of the GoI70.com website, which was founded by the I-70 Mountain Corridor Coalition. The group was started in early 2004 to address transportation problems on the I-70 mountain corridor. Local governments throughout the state are also involved.

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