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Staying warm is the first order of business when spending a day outside in the cold.

Fashion is lower in priority, with how much lower depending on whether one is a die-hard skier or rider, or more interested in spending time lounging by a fire in the lodge than in cruising the slopes.

A friend who happens to own a ski resort says, "There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing."

We take him to mean that one can stay warm and dry no matter how cold or wet it is.

He's right.

Clothing basics: Choose fleece over cotton; wear air-trapping middle layers; cover everything with a windproof layer; make sure head, face, and hands are covered as well.

Fashion plays a part in choosing ski wear. As we said, it's below warmth in the priority list, but how far below depends on personal preference. Are you a fashion maven? Go for warmth with style. Are you going to a social event on the slopes? Again, go for clothes that look good while they keep you warm. Are you a die-hard skier who hits the slopes early and often, skis 100 days a year, and beats up on your clothes? Go for ruggedness as well as warmth. Do you go just for the après ski? Then fashion comes first. Decide honestly what you need in clothing, and go for it. Remember, though, that high fashion means big money.

What you wear will change with the season. December and January can be bitter cold; days start to warm a bit in February; by March, spring has sprung and chances are you will be skiing at times in very little.

Question: What to wear snow skiing?

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