A new map has been published of the Alps showing how the rail network connects with ski resorts.

The "SkiRail Map of the Alps" provides information on the 120 resorts with their own train station, as well as the position of more than 400 resorts across the Alps.

The map brings together a wealth of information, enabling the adventurous, independent skier to discover the Alps with a low-carbon winter sports holiday.

SkiRail Map of the Alps researcher, and sustainable transport specialist, Neil Guthrie, told OnTheSnow, "There's never been a better time to travel by train to, and through, the Alps. Vast swathes of the UK are now within just a few hours of the Alps thanks to an ever evolving, high-speed rail network. Increasing numbers of Europeans are voting with their (ski-boot clad) feet by choosing to take the train, making the journey one of the highlights of their holiday."

With the inclusion of journey times to the Alps from cities in more than 10 European countries (for example, nine hours from London), and comparisons of carbon emissions (rail travel typically generates 10 to 15 percent of the equivalent trip by plane), the map provides a powerful incentive to travel to the mountains by train.

The map is available in shops such as Waterstones and Stanfords.

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