So [R489R, Waterville Valley] continues with its gridiron promotion even though the New England Patriots have a bye week.

The New Hampshire resort is going with the Miami score -- seven points -- in deciding what lift tickets will cost on Tuesday, Jan. 11. So, $7.

The whole idea is thanks to Bob Fries, who began his career many years ago at Waterville, and moved widely across the country, running ski resorts in Colorado and Vermont before returning to Waterville with the Sununu family when they bought the resort from Booth Creek.

Couple weeks ago Fries began charging the opponents' score for skiing the Tuesday after a game.

Fries, resort president, said, "The New England Patriots have a bye this weekend but that isn't putting a hold on Waterville Valley's popular 'The Harder They Play, the Less you Pay' promotion.  There are no 'byes' when it comes to getting skiers and riders out on the slopes during the football season!

Look, the way the Pats have been playing, this promotion has meant lots of fairly inexpensive skiing the past few weeks for New Englanders. The Patriots beat Chicago 36-7; Green Bay 31-27; Buffalo 34-3; and Miami 38-7 (which is counting twice, thank you very much).

Thanks, Bob Fries! 

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