Who knew [R493R, Whistler Blackcomb] could be so small?

In one of the best videos to come out of a ski resort this year, Switchback Entertainment in partnership with Whistler decided to take an unorthodox approach to your standard ski porn flick.

Void of gratuitous powder shots and above-average skiers doing things below-average skiers dream about, this video uses tilt-shift photography techniques to bring life-size scenes down to miniature pint-size proportions.

The video, directed and produced by Switchback Entertainment owner Mike Douglas, a visual candy store of miniature snow globe size scenes complete with fireworks, snow-covered trees and bluebird skies.

"I got the idea from a video I saw this past summer called the Sandpit," Douglas told OnTheSnow over the phone from his house near Whistler. "I thought the technique would work for Whistler and pitched them the idea. The hardest part, however, was the weather. The first day we shot it was perfect, but then we quickly realized if we were going to shoot the rest of the footage it would have to be perfect as well."

Luckily for Douglas and his crew, the snow kept falling.

Douglas and his partner Jeff Thomas spent countless hours rendering footage, shooting scenes, and adding special effects in postproduction to get the footage just right. The video took approximately a month to produce, 

"We shot for six days and ended up using just about 10 percent of our shots," Douglas explained. "We had to add effects in postproduction to just about every shot to see how it would look so it wasn't a very fast process. In the end we really wanted it to stand out and I think it does."

So what are you waiting for? Take five and transport yourself into a real-life snow globe.

We're not sure if anything will make you want to go skiing if this doesn't.

More information: Switchback Entertainment