Work will begins with removing the valley station building. In July, residents and visitors can witness the demolition of a 40-year-old icon - the steepled Alpine clock tower. Both will be removed without disrupting operation of the tram, which will be used to transport construction materials via a bucket capable of carrying four cubic yards of concrete. With tower foundations poured by Labor Day, Doppelmayr will be on-site in October to begin removing metal from the tram terminals, along with the wire ropes that run up the mountain. In the late fall, the motor room in the valley station will be dismantled with the new valley station erected on the same footprint as the existing one. The new tram will differ from the existing one. Contemporary tramways forego traditional counterweights at the bottom. The existing counterweights will be lowered into the basement where they will be detached from cables and laid to rest with concrete poured around them.