The airport of choice for skiers and boarders travelling to the top car-free Swiss resorts of Zermatt and Saas Fee will be Zurich, not Geneva, as of Dec. 9. Thanks to the opening of the Lotschberg Base Tunnel (the biggest European rail project since the Channel Tunnel that linked the UK to France, and the longest rail tunnel in the world on land), trains from Zurich Airport will whisk you to Zermatt in just 3.5 hours with one easy change at Visp, cutting an hour off the previous journey time. The trains not only will be faster than those from Geneva Airport, but also more modern, with most conveying a restaurant car – you don't even get a snack trolley on the Geneva trains. The last train connection from Zurich Airport departs at 20.13 (8:13 p.m.) arriving in Zermatt at 23.44 (11:44 p.m.) in plenty of time for a snack at the Elise Bar or a pizza in the Hotel Post.