Skiers and riders who venture to the bottom of the backside at [R454R, Taos Ski Valley] this winter will likely be surprised by the new structure they see, the music that they hear, and how those musical strains are produced.

Sitting in front of the Bavarian Restaurant will be The Celestial Palace, a multi-domed igloo that doubles as a concert hall. What's more astounding is that the music will be produced by instruments made out of ice.

The creative minds of ice sculptor Tim Linhart and his wife Birgitta came up with the idea that music could be made with instruments constructed primarily out of ice: violins, guitars, drums, even a xylophone. They have produced 10 ice music festivals around the world, and now they have returned to the land of their roots to do the same for Taos.

Birgitta Linhart will oversee construction of what also has been dubbed "A Nightclub in Heaven," a series of vaulted, interconnected ice domes that are expected to be completed in January. TSV marketers have enticed local musicians to try out their talents on all-ice instruments for concerts throughout the rest of the winter season.

Passersby can take walking tours, hear a lecture and view slide shows on ice music, and promoters say it certainly would be an unusual setting for a meeting, party, or wedding, as long as everyone is warmly dressed.

"It‘s more than an ‘oh, that‘s a cool‘ project," said Tim Linhart. "It‘s about bringing people together to celebrate the untouched possibility and spirituality inherent in water and ice."

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