[R129R, Deer Valley Resort] instructors believe men and women learn to ski in different ways, so the Park City, Utah, resort has designed its adult clinics accordingly.

The Adult Specialty Programs break out instruction on the basis of gender and offer group clinics on five consecutive Wednesdays for women, five Thursdays for men, and three-day weekend sessions for both.

The women's Wednesday program begins Jan. 12 and runs through Feb. 9. The men's Thursday sessions start Jan. 13 and finish up Feb. 10. One men's weekend session has been scheduled for Jan. 28-30, while the women's counterparts are on Jan. 28-20 and March 4-6.

The cost is $685 per person for the weekday classes, and $535 for weekend instruction, regardless of gender. Skiers must be at least 18 years of age and skiing at the advanced beginner's stage to enroll. The price of lift tickets is not included.

Mountain officials strongly urge that skiers make advanced reservations by calling 435-645-6648 or toll-free 888-754-8477, especially during holiday periods when these classes typically sell out. A minimum of four in each ability level is required.

Deer Valley instructors help all ability levels with stance, balance, and alignment with the aid of video analysis and state-of-the-art instruction. Adult Specialty Program participants also can try out the latest in ski equipment, and each series kicks off with a get-together social event.

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