A week ago Irene Jenks of Windblown was delighted to be open on anything.

Irene, who with her husband, Al , runs the cross-country ski center in New Ipswitch, N.H., was welcoming skiers, but warning them to use their rock skis.

"Surprise! We actually have enough snow to slide around on for those of you who have older skis, a.k.a. rock skis, or who have new skis and want to ski a 1-kilometer loop on the Swimming Pond.

"We have groomed flat 4 kilometers of woods trails and set tracks on the pond as well as groomed a skate lane on the pond. The snow is 4-to-5-inches deep, all powder," Jenks said.

Well, Katy bar the door, the storm that hit the day after Christmas buried Windblown in almost 2 feet of fresh snow.

The Jenks family started Windblown in 1972, and has steadily improved the operation. The nifty area has a classic New England atmosphere, a small but new base lodge, rental operation, simple food including homemade soups and hearty sandwiches, and 25 miles of trails.

Windblown is, of course, not the only cross-country ski center to have received a late, and very satisfying, Christmas present. The Nor'easter that spun up the East Coast starting the day after Christmas transformed the region into a winter wonderland, with everyplace getting at least a foot, and many upwards of 2 feet. Rule of thumb: The higher the elevation, the deeper the snowfall.

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