[R425R, Steamboat's] new Ghost Ranch Saloon is a real Old West Saloon, in the heart of the town. You'll find food, fun, live music, and dancing. The nightclub scene was something Steamboat was lacking, according to co-owner Amy Garris. She and her partner, who was an almond farmer in California, would come to Steamboat, go out to dinner, and close the bar down at 11 p.m., until, "they asked us to leave. We thought Steamboat needed a place where we aren't going to get kicked out at 11." They opened the Ghost Ranch because, "We thought an old Western town like this needed a saloon bar where people can hang out, like back in the day."

The main floor of the Ghost Ranch is an original 1892 Brunswick bar, which takes you back in time to the Wild West. Belly up to the bar, and order some grub and real ranch-style cooking, with burgers, catfish, chicken-fried steak, and meatloaf. The upper mezzanine level has two sections overlooking the dance floor. Above the stage is a psychedelic rock ‘n roll themed area with a liquid tile dance floor and lava lounge, with views of the legendary ski jumps at Howelsen Hill.

Garris says they try to get national acts that are coming through town to play at the Ghost Ranch. They take suggestions from clientele and also get popular bands from Denver and the Front Range. "The weekends are absolutely packed, even through the mud season, which is good."

The Ghost Ranch will provide complimentary shuttle service to and from the saloon. The place is always closed Mondays. Check the website for Happy Hour and appetizer specials such as $2 Slider Night.

More Information Call 970-879-9898 for the Ghost Ranch Saloon or call 970-819-6472 for the shuttle service.