Björnrike in Sweden has opened the fastest ski lift in Scandinavia; the Grizzly Express chairlift opened on Boxing Day.

This new six-seater chair is not only the fastest, but also the longest and highest chairlift in Sweden.The Grizzly Express transports passengers across 2043 metres in length and 470 metres in altitude. The journey to the top takes less than six minutes.

Further improvements to the ski area of Björnrike include two new descents, a new button lift, and a more efficient snowmaking system.

Directly adjacent to the Grizzly Express, two new slopes have been built. Both are red and stetch more than two kilometres in length with verticals of 470 metres. New connections have also been built to Långsvängen and Nedre Störtloppet.

Grizzly Express and the new descents are located on Blästerfjället, one of Björnrike's three ski mountains. Blästerfjället has also benefited from a new sports shop and button lift in the children's ski area.

A more powerful snow system has been implemented, which is now able to lay half a metre across the whole of Björnrike within five days.

Björnrike is popular for its sunny south-facing ski area and long, well-groomed runs. There is also a heated shelter with a cafe serving lunch and drinks.

Björnrike is one of the three ski areas in [R2082R, Vemdalen], alongside Vemdalsskalet and Klövsjö/Storhogna.

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