Waterville's Deb Moore dropped us a note the other day about a football-related ski lift ticket deal that [R489R, Waterville Valley] is running.

"Thought you'd get a kick out of this promotion that Bob Fries brought to Waterville Valley," Moore said.

Bob Fries is the "ski resort doctor," whose deft touch has healed a number of ski area problems over the years.

It will be interesting to see what he does with a healthy one, which Waterville Valley is by any measure.

Fries is the new president of Waterville, brought back into that resort after New Hampshire's Sununu family bought it from Booth Creek in October.

"Waterville Valley has a great deal for football fans," Moore said. "The number of points scored by the New England opponent is the price fans pay for a lift ticket the following Tuesday.  They just need to download a coupon and bring it to Waterville Valley."

Moore gave this example: Take the Jets game. Final score was New England 45, Jets 3. The lift ticket at Waterville Valley the Tuesday following that game would have been $3. In the Bears game, the final score was New England 36, Chicago 7, so the ticket was $7 the following Tuesday.

"Next game up is against Green Bay, on Sunday Dec. 19. Whatever the Packers score is the price of our Tuesday lift ticket," Moore said. Of course that game will be over by the time you read this, but the opponent's point score is what a lift ticket will cost Dec. 21.

The lift ticket is free, if the New England defense shuts out their opponent.


The offer is not valid Dec. 28.

More information. Print the coupon. Or call 800-468-2553