It is possible to buy lift passes for the Sancy resorts of [R1960R, Super Besse] and [R2535R, Mont Dore] over the internet as of Dec. 2. Before, the rechargeable card was only available for purchase in the resort.

Sancy created the website to handle the transactions. Here, users choose whether they wish to obtain an Easy Sancy card for Mont Dore or for Super Besse, then they select the pass to buy.

Although the entire range of lift passes is not yet available for online purchase, there is a fair selection. For Super Besse, season passes, one-, two-, or three-day passes, and five non-consecutive day passes are available. For the two- and three-day passes, clients must indicate the dates of use. Products such as the Discovery or Nocturnal Ski pass should be available before the end of the year.

Season passes for Mont Dore can also be bought through the Easy Sancy site. As soon as enough snow falls to allow more of the pistes to open, day passes will be available online.

A one-day adult pass costs €27 and a two-day pass costs €51. Clients who do not already have a rechargeable Easy Sancy card should add a €2 card-purchase fee to pass prices.

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