This question is so similar to another that we are giving you a similar answer, but expanding from a purely U.S. national perspective to a global one.

Chances are good that it is always snowing somewhere around the world at any given time, no matter what the season in your particular spot on the planet.

The world wobbles through seasons continually. When it's winter in the Northern Hemisphere, it's summer in the Southern Hemisphere, with change ongoing from one to the other.

In other words, never a dull moment, never a time when you can't find snow on some slopes, or snow falling from the sky, somewhere around the world.

For a more precise answer to the question of where is it snowing, we have three suggestions.

Check out the snow reports at OnTheSnow, and also look at the National Weather Service reports from across the United States, or the World Weather Information Service, which provides one-stop shopping for weather around the globe based on information supplied by official government weather stations.

OnTheSnow reports are geared specifically to the interests of skiers and snowboarders who are seeking places to ply their sport. The other two sites are pure weather, without the tilt toward recreation.

Question: Where is it snowing?

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