It was knee to thigh-deep fresh and face shots down to Mid Station and cries of joy were heard everywhere, even in the trees. With a reported 135cm sure you had to watch you shins, about 160cm the amount needed for full fun between the firs, but tree skiing in early November? We'll take it. Liz, a pharmaceutical rep from Vancouver said she dropped all plans to make sure she made it up for opening day. "It must be some kind of record. I mean first off there is so much snow already and second, I'm never out of bed and on the mountain this early!" Forecasts are calling for more snow through the weekend so it should be early turkey for the mountain's American cousins likely to visit en masse starting mid-week. Roundhouse Roll was my run of the day and a big shout out goes to Max G: here's to beauty turns in future fresh little man. Dig it.