The summit of Highlands Bowl sits high at 12,392 feet in elevation. You get there from the Deep Temerity lift or Loge Peak, and then you have to hike. The hike will take you between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on whether you're a teenager from Aspen High School, or an out of shape tourist from sea level. Taylor Preusch is one of those who is in shape. He's a senior at Aspen High School on his way to the University of Colorado next year. He sent in this picture of one of his buddies skiing the bowl. Taylor says the runs are huge, and different. "They're steep, and the best runs you can do on a powder day. You can always find an untouched line to ski. It's amazing." Highlands Bowl is experts only. The 160 acres are described as an out-of-bound experience that's in-bounds. The runs are extremely long at about a 40% pitch. The steepest run on the mountain is Go-Go Gully, at a 48% pitch. To get out of the bowl, you take a catwalk at the bottom. Highlands Bowl is now open because ski patrol does a lot of avalanche control in the bowl now. Hike to the 12,392-foot summit of Highlands Bowl for Colorado's ultimate in-bounds backcountry rush. It is some of the most challenging big-mountain terrain you'll find in North America with the addition of the Deep Temerity lift and 220 acres over the last two seasons.