[R95R, Calabogie Peaks] plans to open for the season Dec. 17, and they are ready to roll out the white carpet weather or not.

Calabogie is ready to put its new snowmaking system into use, which is capable of producing more snow and totally covering the slopes in much less time than its old system. It's a win-win situation for the ski resort and the environment, according to management.

"Our new SMI Polecat Snow Fans have completely eliminated the need for diesel compressors, and that means we avoid burning up to 150,000 liters of fuel this season," they said.  "We will now be able to completely cover our 22 runs while lowering our energy use by up to 50 percent; significantly reducing our environmental footprint."

What it means to skiers and snowboarders is more snow.

"Our new snow fans will let us make more snow per hour than our old system.  It means we will be able to open sooner with more runs opened quickly. Skiers and snowboarders will be able to get on the slopes sooner than seasons past," they enthused.

The resort is implementing a new "naturalist plan" and is actively reducing its impact on nature. Hospitality operations is reducing waste and increasing recycling whenever possible. Much of the resort's green areas are allowed to remain in a natural state.  It's all part of their master plan to reduce fuel consumption, noise pollution and create a more favorable habitat for indigenous Ontario wildlife.

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