[R31R, Balsams Wilderness] in Dixville Notch, N.H., is offering an everything-included Five Day Ski and Stay Package this winter.

The package includes literally everything except lunch. Guests receive lift tickets each day including the day of arrival, one free lesson during the stay, free equipment rental, lodging, breakfast, and dinner.

The price for this five-day luxury vacation is $149 per person, per night.

Meals at the Balsams Wilderness are sufficient in themselves to entice guests to make the trek, and trek it is. Dixville Notch is north of the White Mountain National Forest, north of the Presidential Range which includes the highest peaks in New England, and on the doorstep of vast wilds.

Balsams Wilderness itself encompasses 15,000 acres of mostly forested land, remote and beautiful.

Balsams is one of the few remaining grand resort hotels in New England, harking back to a tradition of leisure and privilege.

The hotel sprawls from room to room, with fireplaces and couches making comfortable sitting nooks at every turn.

After a day's outing on cross-country trails or alpine slopes, guests make their way to the elegant dining room and enjoy four-star gourmet food prepared by master chefs and their students, enrolled in a three-year culinary program.

Gentlemen wear jackets at dinner, in continuation of a long tradition of civilized meals.

The package price affords guests full access to all food served in the dining room for breakfast and dinner, and the flexibility to sit with new friends without the worry of who will pay for what at meals.

Steve Barba, who owned and operated the Balsams for many years, felt that was a key aspect of the genial atmosphere that prevailed.

More information. Or call 800-255-0600.