All of the action in [R25R, Aspen] has been around the outdoor ice rink recently. That's where CP Burger decided to set up shop, in the heart of town, across from the Transit Center.

Samantha Cordts-Pearce and her husband, Craig, own four restaurants in Aspen, but Craig had his eye on a small, brick building at the east end of the Silver Circle Ice Rink. "My husband would walk by every day, looking at this dead space." She said he knew Aspen needed a burger restaurant. "He has a good eye for that kind of thing."

Negotiations began with the Hyatt Grand Aspen who ran the property for the city. CP Burger now has a 20-year lease. Manager Vince Lahey says, "They liked the idea of a local element, along with our crew, and our ideas." Lahey says CP Burger will be a year-round hot spot, given its price and location across from Rubey Park. "To have this location in our town is ridiculous. I would always dream about a place like this."

The menu features burgers like the Miner Burger, Summit Burger, Chicano "Fire" Burger, and Falafel Burger. Hot dogs include the Snake River Farms dog or the Hebrew National dog with a green chili topping available. Salads are also offered including Lulu's Original Kale, a Chicana Salad, and a Buttermilk and Bib Salad. Fries (Parmesan Truffle, or Sweet Potato) are available as are a variety of breakfast burritos.

The milkshakes are a highlight. Options include Banana Split, Tutti Frutti, Oreo Munch, and Black & White.

CP Burger is next to the ice rink in the winter. The owners plan to set up a mini-putt golf course on the rink in the summer.

More information: Call 970-925-3056.