[R18R, Appalachian Ski Mtn.] is aiming for safety in its terrain parks this season, through a new Park Pass Program.

Skiers and riders must take a short park safety and etiquette education course in order to use the Appaljack and Appal Jam parks.

Appalachian has implemented the park pass program in a move it hopes will reduce accidents and provide a more enjoyable experience for all terrain park users.

Getting the annual park pass is simple, and takes about 15 minutes.

Here's how it works: This program will require all park users to watch a customized video about terrain park etiquette and safe practices. The video will be followed by a short multiple choice test and a release waiver that must be signed by riders and parents of park riders under the age of 18.

For greater convenience, the video and safety/etiquette test will be available online to expedite registration and minimize waiting. The release waiver may be printed out and signed by parents of underage users, those under 18 years, prior to visiting Appalachian.

Riders will receive a picture ID and lanyard for a $5 annual fee after completing the test. A $3 one-day pass is available following the education program, for one-time park users.

Each of the parks will have a monitor at the entrance to ensure that all users have undergone park education and also to ensure that entry-level rental equipment users are not accessing these upper level parks.

The AppalTop Terrain Park and Candied Appal terrain park areas will not require a park pass. These progression parks feature smaller and lower rails, boxes, and jumps designed for beginning park users.

"This investment in our guest's safety is the most important thing we can do to improve an already outstanding terrain park experience", said General Manager Brad Moretz.

More information. Or call 828-295-7828.