"I like to say skiers will mortgage their kids to go skiing," said Boston Ski & Snowboard Expo promoter Bernie Weichsel.

Weichsel has taken part in ski shows across North America for 43 years and has run Boston for the last 29. He started under the tutelage of Harry Leonard, who with partner Jerry Simon founded consumer ski shows.

"I'm very positive about the health of the industry," Weichsel said. "Throughout this recession, people have shown they'll ski. Skiers are a passionate, energetic lot. You know they're only 3 percent of the population, but they are passionate."

Weichsel said this 3 percent is split into two groups, the well-to-do, and young people.

"The young people are even more important. I haven't met a college kid yet who's worried about his 401k," Weichsel said.

"We see it at the show very clearly. If the snow is there they want to be out there doing it," he said.

The Boston Ski & Snowboard Expo moved to a new venue this year at the Seaport World Trade Center on Seaport Boulevard, a location replete with eateries and bars, and killer view of Boston Harbor.

Weichsel said the venue was nice, but people come for deals.

"Shows changed over the years. We moved them more to a market place setup. That's a key component to the success of any show. People aren't just going to come for information. Once they're at the show they want to be entertained, but what motivates them to show up is a really good deal," Weichsel said.;

"That started with retail deals, and now all the resorts have chimed in with show specials," he said.

Weichsel said 42,000 people turned out for the four-day show, similar numbers to the previous two years.

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