[R184R, Hunter Mountain] in the Catskills of New York State is about to open the largest zipline course in North America.

The Skyrider Tour, third and largest course at Hunter, opens this season. The resort opened two other courses this spring, called the Mid Mountain Tour and the Adventure Tower.

The three courses are operated at Hunter by NY Zipline Adventures.

"The Mid Mountain Tour and Adventure Tower are both great introductions to Ziplining and ropes courses, and a good way to get some people ready for the Skyrider Tour," said Bradd Morse, partner in NY Zipline Adventures.

"The three courses here at Hunter Mountain contain multiple Ziplines, bridges and challenge elements and are each designed to create a very different experience for the guest, but the Skyrider Tour is not for everyone," Morse said.

"Honestly, the Mid Mountain Tour and Adventure Tower are plenty of excitement for most people."  Some of the Ziplines reach a height of 600 feet above the ground, and spans of 3,000 feet from platform to platform.

"The construction of a course on this scale has been a massive undertaking, but now with our three different tours, we'll be able to offer something for almost every thrill level,  from mild to extremely wild. The fact that we are so close to the metro area also means that we are able to operate year round," Morse said.

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