One man is dead and a small boy hospitalized Sunday (Dec. 23) after an inbounds avalanche ripped through the 99/90 area of The Canyons resort in Park City, Ut. Canyons officials are calling it a "rare event."'s Jill Adler reports the slide occurred about 11:20 a.m. near Red Pine Chutes on the northern edge of the resort near their boundary line.

The area had been open for more than a day and control work had been done in the last 24 hours of the accident. The two were apparently skiing together. The Canyons reports that their ski patrol arrived on the scene within four minutes of the call, and they found the man four minutes later. They uncovered the boy about 25 minutes after.

This was an inbounds avalanche. Utah has an "Inherent Risk" statute on the books which does not protect ski area operators from liability when "an injury is caused by an unnecessary hazard that could have been eliminated by the use of ordinary care, such a hazard is not, in the ordinary sense of the term, an inherent risk of skiing and would fall outside [the statute]." Adler, with legal training, says this will be one to keep "on the watch" list beyond the sadness of the loss of life just before Christmas.