[R261R, Mountain High] test-drove features for their new terrain park last year to see how the slope would work. The experiment proved so successful that the resort is opening the 1.6-mile-long terrain park this winter at its East Resort.

The new park will be located on Goldrush, an intermediate run with a gradual pitch, and accessed via a high-speed quad lift. The new park at the East Resort will give park hounds a reason to break out of the West Resort, which has traditionally housed Mountain High's parks and will continue to do so.

We spoke to Justin Montoya, terrain and snow surfaces manager for Mountain High, to get a sneak peek of his plans for the new park. He spent last winter building different features in various locations in the new park and collecting responses from users. "We learned that intermediate level features worked better. The experts can still have fun, but the less difficult features attract more interest," he said.

But Montoya plans to erect features in the park in pairs. Each intermediate feature will have a lower feature adjacent to it for those learning the skills. The park will contain jumps, rollers, rails, and boxes with features swapping around throughout the winter.

Other new features at the resort include two stairs and a pipe jib. The stairs, which will be about 25 feet long, are designed to allow them to be moved around the slopes during the season rather than staying static in one location all winter.

The jib was built to look like Skullcandy's iPod docking station. The pipe can blast music from built-in speakers and comes with a removeable DJ booth. Skullcandy DJs are scheduled to make regular appearances at the resort this winter.

A new learning terrain park will also be installed at the top of East Resort for beginners. It will include lower level features designed to help beginners learn the skills to navigate the larger parks at the resort.

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