[R245R, Mont Sutton] is rolling out a new area, the Petits Wapitis Learning Park in the resort's Family Center.

The Learning Park was modeled after similar parks in Western Canada, and is intended to make learning easy for first-timers, and to allow novice skiers and rider to hone their skills.

The Sutton Snow School instructors will use the Learning Park to teach beginners the basic skills of skiing and riding: Balance while gliding; how to turn left and right; and the ability to stop when and where desired. The terrain is engineered to help first-timers learn these skills and, through practice, master them.

The Sutton Snow School is offering a new program this year, in addition to its traditional learn-to-ski-and-ride lessons. The All-terrain Club is for skiers and riders, on weekends, to develop skills on the race course, in moguls, in glades, and in the snow park.

The Snow School also runs an Assistant Instructor program for skiers and riders over 14, to learn the skills to teach others. Those interested must apply at the Sutton Snow School by Dec. 1.

Sutton also has a new Prinoth Bison X groomer, new snow guns, a new landing area at Chair V, and new backpads on Chair IV.

More information. Or call 866-538-2545.