An impressive number of tour operators run buses from New York City to ski resorts across the Northeast.

Among them is Blades Board & Skate, a pair of shops in Manhattan which sell skateboard and snowboard equipment, fashions, and accessories, and which also run a vigorous schedule of full-size coach trips to various ski resorts in the region.

Chris Liu of Blades said, "We run bus trips all winter long. We've been doing it for years, and the idea is to get people out of the city. This is an easy way to escape. It can be hard for a lot of people to find a way to get to the mountains in winter. A lot of people don't drive, so they get trapped in the city. People who do own cars often own small cars, that aren't all that great in the winter, and that can't hold much so they can't go with a lot of friends or bring a lot of gear. We offer a one-day escape."

Liu said Blades runs at least six bus trips a week for the entire ski and snowboard season, in full-size coach buses, with bagels and juice in the morning on the way up, and energy drinks on the mountains.

"Everyone has tons of fun, no matter what the conditions," he said.

"We have regulars who come with us every week, Saturday and Sunday trips, and even schedule their whole winters around taking Wednesdays off and getting up to the mountains when they are not crowded," Liu said.

Blades' trips cost $79.95 for [R184R, Hunter], $69.95 for [R391R, Windham], $99.95 for [R255R, Mount Snow], and $69.95 for [R97R, Camelback].

"The price includes the bus, the breakfast, and a lift ticket. We can also arrange for rentals and lessons, and the price is right because we have a really good deal that we've negotiated with the mountains," he said.

Other tour companies in New York run similar operations through the winter season, including New York Mountain Tours; Urban Sherpa; and Emilio's Ski Shop.

The buses all leave early for their destinations, and return late, but since there's no driving involved for skiers and riders, fatigue behind the wheel is not an issue.

Emilio's Ski Shop trips, for example, leave at 4 a.m. for [R304R, Okemo], Mount Snow, [R155R, Gore], and [R430R, Stratton], and return at 10 p.m. Cost starts at $89.98.

Emilio's trips to Hunter, Windham, and [R38R, Belleayre] begin a little later in the day, 6 a.m., and return a little earlier in the evening, 7:30 p.m. They start at $69.95.

More information: Blades or call 212-787-3911; Emilio's or call 718-544-0404; Urban Sherpa or call 917-692-5222; New York Mountain Tours or call 877-218-7669.