The Ski & Snowboard Club of New York, an all-volunteer operation, runs a series of trips through the winter to resorts across the Northeast.

David Cresci, who joined the club two years ago, helps organize trips. "The reason i joined is because I tried organizing my friends, but it would always fall through. The great thing about the club is that it works," Cresci said.

Cresci said more than 500 people are registered tor receive club news on "" He said trips attract 30 to 40 people,half regulars, half first-timers, or infrequent travelers.

The club has existed for more than 50 years. Its membership covers a broad range, young and old, singles, couples, professionals, retired people.

Trips feature snowboarding, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. Each trip leaves and returns to Manhattan's West Side.

Weekend trips start Friday evenings and end on Sunday evenings (or Mondays of holiday weekends).

This season's trips are still in the formative stages, but prices for long weekends at [R198R, Killington] and [R429R, Stowe] last season were $450 and $485 respectively. Two days of skiing or riding at [R497R, Whiteface] at Lake Placid was $345. Those prices included transportation, lodging, and breakfasts. The Stowe and Whiteface trips also included dinner.

The club's volunteer leaders take pride in planning, organizing, and running each trip.

The club's Web site puts it this way: "As we continue to grow our newer members are young, energetic and bring an added desire to explore the local social scenes as well. Each trip includes a wide variety of personalities, ages and abilities, but can be generalized as fun-loving people who enjoy sharing outdoor activities with each other. And when there's no snow to play in, we hike, cycle and get together for other events.

"The Ski & Snowboard Club of New York is a non-profit group run by a committee of dedicated skiers who volunteer their time to organize fun and value-priced ski trips that are convenient for all in the New York City area. In general, our skiers are adults who love skiing, the outdoors, and meeting new people.

"We are always looking for ways to reach new members. So if you know anyone that likes to ski or hike, have them contact us," the Web site states.

The Ski & Snowboard Club of New York doesn't just want new members, however. It's like every other volunteer organization, always in search of new volunteers. The type of help they would particularly like involves answering phones on Tuesday evenings, processing trip applications, phoning people who have signed up for trips, planning and organizing trips, and in getting the word out about the club.

More information. Or call 212-615-6796.