Plans to increase the capacity of Magic's snowmaking pond are on hold for another year, which means snowmaking capacity remains as it was last season. "We're refilling the pond right now to make snow," said Magic's Matt Lillard. The resort in Londonderry, Vt., had hoped to rebuild the dam and enlarge the pond this summer, but completed only the dam rebuild. Phase 2 will dredge the pond and raise the level by 5 feet next spring, according to Lillard. The pond's current capacity is 3 million to 4 million gallons, he said, and next year's work will quadruple that. Magic's snowmaking pumps can push 1,000 gallons a minute through the guns, while the pond recovers at half that rate. Jim Sullivan, a lawyer and longtime Vermont skier, operates Magic under a two-year lease that expires in 2008, with an option to buy that Sullivan intends to exercise, Lillard said. "We want to keep Magic classic Vermont skiing: New England trails, windy with character, no monster base area, no huge real estate build-out, with skiing and riding our focus," he said.