The sounds of construction rang out above Park City this summer, as the owners of [R462R, The Canyons Resort] began to put money on the mountain.

The Canyons has already gotten publicity for its new heated bubble chairlift installed this summer, but crews also moved a lift terminal, installed a new chairlift, finished a reservoir, gladed some new terrain - and bought a luxury hotel.

"Our owners came in, took a good look at priorities, and began putting shovels into the mountain this summer," said Public Relations Director Libby Dowd. "Their priorities matched those who had been here for a while."

Owners Talisker Corp., a privately owned real estate and development company based in Toronto, Canada, bought the resort in 2008 from American Ski Corporation for about $100 million in cash and notes. The Canyons is the first ski area venture for the luxury development company. This summer, the company purchased the Waldorf Astoria Hotel at the base of the mountain.

Iron Mountain will debut this winter, a 300-acre area off the south edge of the resort that will serve intermediate and advanced skiers with mostly treed terrain, said Dowd. The new 4,000-foot-long Iron Mountain quad is set to start spinning this winter, and the Timberline Lift now goes in both directions to improve access on the southern edge of the 4,000-acre ski area.

The new terrain, cut into the northwest face of Iron Mountain, means The Canyons Resort now has nine mountains on its expanding trail map.

The Canyons has eliminated the walk from the top of the Cabriolet Lift from the parking lot to the mountain by moving the base of the Flight of Canyons gondola closer to the top of the Cabriolet.

The summer's tasks also included a new 10-million gallon reservoir on resort land. The new water source will give mountain crews "increased abililty" to put artificial snow on the mountain when it is most needed, Dowd said.

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