[R443R, Sunday River] in Newry, Maine, is ready to go.

The resort has finished two tests of its snowmaking system to make sure all is ready to go when cold weather settles in.

"When you've been the first resort to open year after year, you're automatically held to higher standards," said Brent Larsen, vice president of Mountain Operations.

Sunday River has been the first resort to open on the East Coast for the last three years, and Larsen said he hopes they make it four in a row.

The tests involved firing off 40 Boyne Low-Energy Fan Guns on slopes near the South Ridge Base Lodge, and 40 tower guns on the highest elevations of Locke Mountain.

Sunday River had previously checked for water pressure efficiencies across three mountain peaks, to ensure that all hoses and hydrants were working properly.

Larsen said Sunday River plans to begin snowmaking operations on Locke Mountain, the first part of the resort to open the past three years.

Sunday River opened last season Oct. 14, 2009, its earliest opening in over a decade. That made it possible for the resort to have the longest season in the East and its longest season ever, staying open six months and six days.

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