[R488R, Wachusett Mountain Ski Area] in Princeton, Mass., has spent part of the summer renovating its cafeteria and making operations more energy efficient.

"We're already considered one of the most environmentally friendly ski areas in the U.S.," said Tom Meyers. "We've done some things over the summer that make us even more so."

Wachusett installed state-of-the-art tankless hot water heaters for cooking, hot  beverages, and cleaning. The units produce more hot water using less energy than the most efficient storage hot water tank heaters, and take up far less space, Meyers said.

Tankless heaters reduce energy use by up to 40 percent because they heat water only when it's needed, and do not operate when there's no demand for hot water, Meyers said. The units also last up to twice as long as traditional tnak heaters.

The cafeteria also installed twin walk-in coolers to replace older, less efficient models, and use cold air from outside as part of the cooling process.

"Vast amounts of cold outside air are piped into the units, to help replace the high energy costs of conventional units that cool warm air.

These "Freeaire" refrigeraton units reduce compressor operations by 70 percent to 90 percent, saving on energy and wear and tear on the equipment.

Wachusett for several years has used recycled cooking oil as bio-diesel in its diesel vehicles, including groomers.

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