While ripping it late that evening I hopped a ride up the chair with Darcy and Dave. Darcy stood out because he was so colorfully dressed, with a red toque and a stylish blue jacket. From the waste down, however, all Darcy was wearing were bright white track pants tucked into his ski boots; quite simply the most rad stylings I've seen in some time. Darcy, a tall, athletic man with a slow drawl told me he'd forgotten his ski pants and figured he's just go without. A pair of pants should never be something that stands in the way of a night on the slopes, he said. "You got to look gooood," said Darcy with a little laugh. "Glad it's a little warmer tonight, though." Darcy, who is a Special Olympics athlete, and I joked all the way up the hill, with him making me laugh out loud with his jokes about his unusual attire and how bad he was making his friend Dave look. It was definitely the chair ride of the night. After I got off the chair, I set down the hill only to have Darcy, sans pants, fly past me, leaving me in his tracks.