If you ski for enough years you will almost certainly wind up at a ski resort minus some essential gear like skis, boots, or poles, or some vital piece of clothing such as gloves, hat, ski pants or parka.

It's embarrassing and frustrating, but not uncommon to forget something important.

The more people involved in a trip, the greater the chance of forgetting something. This is particularly true with children, as most parents know all too well.

One good way to avoid leaving home without the necessities is to make a list and check it before hitting the road.

The checklist should include skis, boots, and poles; ski pants and ski parka; warm bottom layers; ski socks; gloves and hat; goggles; ski pass if you own one; and license and wallet.

Some skiers keep much of their gear together in a boot bag, and take time to dry out boots, gloves, hat, etc. and repack it after each trip so that they are ready to go the next time.

If it's a day trip, bring water and snacks for the trip, and dry clothes for the ride home.

If you are going to spend the night, don't forget toothbrush and PJs.

Question: What to pack for a ski trip?

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