[R1708R, Les Saisies], a family resort in the French Alps, has introduced several environmentally-friendly practices.

On the downhill terrain, certain zones are now roped off and labelled as protected areas for grouse, which are often hunted and killed in the wild. These zones are off-limits to skiers and snowshoers. A bird-shaped logo indicates these areas on trail maps.

The Saisies lift authority also has created a protected peat bog named Natura 2000 on the cross-country ski domain. This area promotes and preserves the biodiversity present in the area.

The resort has also taken care to make sure that many lift cables are visible to birds. This ensures that they do not collide with the cables while in flight.

For clients, Les Saisies has put its lift passes onto reusable hands-free cards. This allows the resort to cut back on the paper, ink, and adhesive necessary to create thousands of paper passes each year. Since the cards can be reused from season to season, it limits the energy used to manufacture passes.

To keep the slopes clean, clients can purchase pocket ash trays so as not to leave their cigarette butts in the snow. Les Saisies also creates its artificial snow using only water and air. No chemicals are added to the artificial snow, meaning no products seep into the ground once the snow melts.

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