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Click here for a list of all open resorts in Europe, North America, and the Southern Hemisphere. We'll tell you which resorts are open, where they are, how many runs, and what the conditions are.

Generally skiing in the Northern Hemisphere begins in October on the glaciers in Europe and in November across North America, with areas such as Loveland in Colorado and Alyeska in Alaska open some weeks before that. Southern Hemisphere resorts open in April and close in November.

Resorts tend to aim for Thanksgiving as an opening target, with some hitting the weekend before, others the Friday after Turkey Day, for reasons both climatic and financial. The weather simply isn't cold enough in much of the country to expect natural snowfall or to fire up the snowguns before late November. Running a ski resort, moreover, is expensive, and most are reluctant to fire up the guns or hire on full staffs before there's a reasonable chance of skiers and riders showing up in sufficient numbers to make the operation pay off.

Gone are the days when Killington and other New England resorts would vie to have lifts running for the Columbus Day weekend, and to keep them spinning until May 1.

Question: What ski resorts are open?

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