Durango's Loryn Kasten says the holiday season exceeded expectations. "What was so great about this holiday season was that our lodging facilities were filled, the town's lodging facilities were filled, but it spread out so nicely on the mountain. There were no lines. Our parking lots were filled to capacity, but we were able to accommodate everyone. Everything fell into place nicely even though we had so many more skiers and riders than usual." Purgatory at Durango has worked on streamlining parking issues and being "green" at the same time. Kasten adds, "I think part of the success over the busy holidays is because we instituted a carpool parking lot. It was a unique idea and we're excited that it is working so well. We wanted to reward environmentally-friendly skiers and boarders, so we had the closest lot available for those with three or more in their car. It helped alleviate parking woes and it got everyone excited about doing something good for the environment. It started the week before Christmas. We want people to think that when you go skiing, you carpool. Kasten says they want people to make carpooling a habit. It is a feature Durango Mountain Resort will have on weekends and holidays throughout our seasons from now on.