[R124R, Crystal Mountain], Washington is converting to a new lift ticketing system this winter. The Go Card system will allow users to reload tickets at a rate less than the ticket window.

Purchasers will buy the new Go Cards in person on the first day. The card, which comes with an individual number, contains an Radio Frequency ID chip that activates the lift gates, but doesn't need to be worn on the outside of jackets like traditional tickets stuck on wickets or tickets held on by zip ties. Users can reload tickets online, saving $5 off the rate to buy another lift ticket at the ticket window.

"It's the size of a credit card," Debbie Bailey, ticket manager, told us. "We're encouraging people to go online to reload a tickets. It's an open ticket for the year, so if something comes up, they can use it on a different day because it only activates when it goes through the gates at the lift."

The new tickets cost $65 for adults at the ticket window. Reloads online cost $60. Users can reload as many times as they want.

Bailey points out one more advantage of the Go Card. "Users can walk directly to the lift and save time without standing in a ticket window line," she said.

Crystal's new gondola-the Rainier Express--is not included in the regular lift ticket rate. To ride the gondola costs $8, for skiers, snowboarder, or sightseers. The gondola access can be added on when reloading the Go Card online. Single day Go Cards are available for adults, youth, seniors, children, and beginners at different rates. A Go Card can only be used by one person per day.

A five-day Go Card is available online that reduces the adult lift ticket to $55 per day. The pre-loaded Go Card is mailed to the purchasers, and the five days can be used sporadically throughout the season or consecutively. The five-day card is available for chairs only at $275 for adults or chairs plus gondola at $315 for adults.

More information. Or call 360-663-3055.