Visitors to [R419R, Squaw Valley USA] this winter will see changes in dining options. The resort remodeled Olympic House to revamp the dining experience while putting finishing touches on its restaurants in Gold Coast Lodge.

Olympic House got a facelift over the summer. The remodel opened up the building to accommodate large indoor events, and the new layout added a food court. The resort also put finishing touches this summer on its $3 million remodel of the mid-mountain restaurants at Gold Coast Lodge located at the top of the Funitel.

So what's on the menu in the new restaurants? We spoke with Dave Benge, Squaw Valley's new food and beverage director, who told us, "In Olympic House we're making significant menu changes, but up at Gold Coast the menus are staying similar due to high rankings in the region."

Benge plans to keep the popular menu intact at Arc and 39° North. You'll still find the Kobe beef burger on a brioche bun and pheasant soup.

However, the Olympic House, having moved this summer under the management of Squaw Valley after 35 years, will see menu changes. The historic section of Olympic House, which is retaining its original ambiance, will offer burgers, fries, and Mexican food. Benge will introduce handmade customized burritos with choices of chicken, steak, and house-made specialty salsas. "We make one habenero salsa so hot that it will make you cry," Benge said.

The new section of Olympic House will have a scramble food court similar to the two Gold Coast Lodge restaurants. Benge is planning for stations that serve Asian wok dishes, signature pizzas, and hand tossed salads. "We want to see what catches people's eye and go from there," he said.

Much of the two renovations relied on natural and sustainable materials, energy conserving lighting, and recycled products. The Gold Coast Lodge restaurant projects included use of bamboo flooring and wall paneling, recycled wood, and rubber floors make from recycled tires.

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