Skiset is offering up to 40 percent off equipment rental when you book online throughout the season.

Skiset has more than 700 shops in 350 resorts across France, Andorra, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Germany, and Bulgaria. Rental charges vary according to the resort and country. For the hire of snowboards/skis and boots for six days, Skiset charges: from £36.60 in France; £73.60 in Austria; and £87.96 in Switzerland.

Victor Poisson, head of development at Skiset, says the ski rental business is on the increase, particularly the online aspect. He told On The Snow: "Not only are customers getting frustrated with the increasing costs of flying with skis, but we are also seeing an evolution of shopping habits - moving to more flexibility thanks to the Internet. Skiers have more time to choose their equipment and avoid the rush in stores where they will find their equipment ready waiting for them."

Hiring skis is the easy option for holidaymakers who hit the pistes just a few times each season. Skiers can hire directly in the shop, but it is cheaper to go through the Web site where you will receive a 20- to 40-percent discount. Skiset offers new ski and snowboard equipment from all the major brands and guarantees that orders will be ready on arrival at the shop.

Generally, the dates for which you reserve will determine the discount - French school holiday periods, for example, tend to mean lower discounts. You then enter your height, weight, and shoe size, pay online, then pick up your gear once you arrive at the resort. Of course, you will still need to make sure everything fits before getting on the snow.

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