Move over Shaun White and Louie Vito. A new Midwestern snowboarder is garnering some big time publicity, and he's only three years old.

Wesley Muresan, barely three feet tall, created such a stir with his ability and YouTube videos snowboarding at Iowa's [R444R, Sundown Mountain] last season that he garnered national attention.  He appeared on NBC's Today Show last March snowboarding with Jenna Wolfe, who came to Dubuque, and his video made it on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show and even The O'Reilly Factor on Fox News.   

"Wesley and his brother Devon are home schooled, and we brought a Sundown season pass last winter as part of their physical education curriculum. They just loved it," said his mom Danelle.  "My husband and I also started, and we can't keep up with them."

They thought the family would spend the winter on the beginner hill, but that was short lived.

"Wesley took to it immediately.  He wanted to do it all.  He does rails in the big terrain park and goes off jumps.  He even grabs the board while he's in the air, which I think he learned watching the Olympics.  He's amazing for his age," she enthused.

People love watching him from the lift, according to Sundown General Manager Mark Dietz.

"They cheer him on, but not just because he's a little guy snowboarding down the hill, but the way he goes down the hill hitting jumps, rails and more jumps," he said.  "He's created quite a stir, and he's fun to watch."

He even gets frustrated when he doesn't make a jump, according to mom.

"Sometimes he'll cry like he was hurt, but he's upset because the jump didn't work out like he thought it should.  He wants to get more air, which isn't easy when you only weigh a little over 30 pounds," she laughed.  "Shaun White is his hero."

Not only did they get off the beginner slope in their first season, they took a trip to [R77R, Breckenridge Ski Resort] last spring.

"The kids loved it so much we extended the season with a western trip.  We would go all the way to the top of the mountain.  Lift operators always questioned us about taking Wesley up, but he handled it just fine; better than my husband and I did," added Danelle.  "People recognized Wesley from his video and appearance on the Today Show."

How has Wesley handled all the fame?

"He doesn't pay much attention, except he wonders why all the people want to snowboard with him, take pictures, and have him sign their goggles," she chuckled.  "He could make a 'W' last season.  He's practicing so he can print his name this winter, and he can't wait for it to start.  He keeps asking when the snow is coming."

Shaun White was seven when he started snowboarding, and Louie Vito was five.  Check out this pint sized power rider's videos through the link below to his website, and remember he's only three.  He's already got plenty of fans.  You can follow him on Facebook.

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