[R497R, Whiteface] and [R155R, Gore], operated by the Olympic Regional Development Authority, have done the work over the last 10 years, and are in a position now to enjoy the results.

"We get to savor the fruits of this work," said ORDA's Jon Lundin. "This is the first year after the 10 years of capital investment, and we're through the shakedown and trial run period, and into the winter of letting things work."

ORDA is a New York State agency set up after the 1980 Olympics to handle finances and operations in and around Lake Placid in the aftermath of the Games. The agency operates the two ski mountains, and a host of other winter sports venues including ice skating rink, ski jump, luge and bobsled tracks, biathlon course, and Nordic ski faciities.

Lundin said the 10-year plan saw the development of Marble Mountain and Lookout Mountain, where 25 acres of super glades exist for tree skiers, and construction of the Wilmington Trail, a 2.5-mile-long intermediate cruiser. The work also involved building an Interconnect  between North Pole and Gore, and a new quad chairlift at Gore.

"The aim was to open more terrain at Whiteface, and accommodate more skiers without liftlines. Now we can have 5,000 people at the mountain and you can feel like you have the mountain to yourself," Lundin said.

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