[R192R, Jay Peak] in Northern Vermont is reinventing itself with a thorough makeover of its base facilities, with a boutique hotel, a new 170-room hotel and conference center,  and addition of first-class ice skating, golf club house, and 60,000-square-foot water park.

The first phase of the project, the 57-room boutique hotel with restaurant, pub, and bakery, opened in December 2009.

The next phase, the Ice Haus, an NHL-size indoor ice arena with bar and food court, opened in May 2010.

The third element in Jay's makeover, a new clubhouse serving the golf course, opened in June 2010, with three luxury suites, patio, restaurant, and fire pit. The clubhouse will transition into a full-service Nordic center in winter, with 20 kilometers of cross-country and snowshoe trails.

The resort broke ground in May on the new Hotel Jay, Hotel 2, a 300,000-square-foot, 170-room hotel and conference center, and on the 60,000-square-foot water park.

"This is a water park under a retractable roof, with native trees and shrubs," Toland said.

"Jay is in a position to redefine the ski vacation," he said.  "Sample reservation agents across the country, and the No. 1 question they get is, ‘What else is there for me to do? What will me and the kiddies do when there's a wind hold, or it's raining, or heaven forbid the snow's not that good?'

"Jay's answer is, ‘Where do I start?' We have so many things to choose from, and more all the time.," Toland said.

Jay's strategy is to attract kids with the water park and the Ice Haus, then introduce them to the slopes.

"It's a howitzer of a tool to introduce kids to winter sports, as contradictory as it seems," Toland said.

He said Jay's numbers already are up, with Labor Day business up 225 percent for 2010 compared to 2009, and lodging triple that of a year ago.

"It's amazing that when you give people a nice play to say, they will come," he said.

The water park is set to open for Christmas 2011, and the hotel-conference center 90 days later, in spring of 2012.

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