Loryn Kasten with the Durango resort says mountain crews will have 95 percent of the mountain open by Dec. 16. It's been tough, considering the mountain has gone from zero to 95% in just two weeks. Three feet of snow for the first two weekends in December has resort officials frantically trying to get more of the mountain open. Kasten says they've also seen a huge increase in Web site visits and calls to the reservation center. "Conditions are beyond epic. This is by far the best opening I have seen in my five years at the resort, and Mother Nature doesn't seem to show any intentions of leaving the area." She adds the best thing about the snow is that the Durango locals are loving it. Last season was dismal as far as snowfall in southwest Colorado and it hit Purgatory hard. Finally, good snow and great conditions are back and the locals are happy and very relieved.