[R1708R, Les Saisies] is offering a wide variety of activities to clients who don't ski or who simply wish to try something a bit different.

Snowshoe trails and cross-country tracks are of course part of the resort's offer, but several, more unusual activities widen the possibilities. Non-skiers at Les Saisies can choose between dog sledging, snowmobiling, paragliding, joëring skiing, high-mountain ice climbing, riding the Mountain Twister bobsleigh roller coaster, and a climbing a ropes course through a snowy forest.

Clients who choose an activity such as those above will be accompanied by a trained professional to ensure safety. There is no pre-requisite level, although for many activities, it is best to be in good physical condition.

Some activities are flexible as well, depending on the desires of the client. It is possible to try out dog sledging for just an hour or to go exploring for an entire day. With joëring skiing, there is a 15-minute initiation programme or an hour long course. It is also possible to go ice climbing for a half or a whole day.

These activities are not included in any ski passes and must be purchased separately.

More information can be found on Les Saisies' Web site by clicking on "Divert yourself" and then "Sports/Activities."