Ski Butlers, an in-room equipment delivery and fitting service, has added two new locations for this season – [R425R, Steamboat] Springs, Colorado, and North Lake Tahoe, California. 

Bryn Carey, founder and president of the company which started in his one-car garage in Park City, Utah, said that means Ski Butlers operates in over 30 locations in North America. This is their seventh season. 

Carey said he prefers to “grow the company from within,” so he is pleased that the owner of the established South Lake Tahoe site will handle North Lake Tahoe, and that “my manager from the Vail shop last year” has taken a similar role at Steamboat. 

The Ski Butlers chief said that as airlines continue to impose and raise fees for transporting ski and snowboard equipment, customers are turning to programs like his.

A second factor is the high cost of top-level skis and bindings, which Ski Butlers rents. 

Carey said his company generally does not offer high end snowboards. “No one was renting the high end boards. Some of our locations do carry the Burton Custom, the number one selling snowboard in the world." 

Rental prices vary by location and quality of equipment, but Carey claimed Ski Butler charges are competitive with shops in resort communities. “[R129R, Deer Valley] and [R482R, Vail] are more expensive than we are.

“Our equipment is better than most rental shops’. We don’t keep skis for five years. About a third of our equipment is new every year, and high-end gear is all new each year.” 

Attention to detail extends to waxing every pair of skis before it goes out. “If the sticker on the ski is beat up, we change it.”

Ski Butlers technicians take equipment to the client’s lodging. They also bring several sizes of boots to make sure the fit is perfect. The client can call during the day if he or she  has a problem and a technician will meet up with the client at the mountain to resolve it. Ski Butlers also picks up rented gear at the end of the period. 

Delivery is available between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. 

Reservations forms include U.S., European, and Latin American sizing choices.

The company also rents two-way radios, boot dryers, helmets, jackets and parkas. A technician can deliver lift tickets, gloves, goggles, hand warmers, hats, lip balm, neck warmers, socks, sunglasses and sunscreen. Selection varies by locations.

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