Count inbounds hiking, riding shuttles, and snowcats as skiable acres, and [R325R, Powder Mountain] wins the size competition hands down in Utah. The total skiable acres for Powder? Are you sitting down? 7,000. The Ogden-based resort has added another 1,000 acres this season for expert skiing.

The Snowcat Powder Safari will access these new chutes and steeps along with its original 2,000 acres of playground. The new area is called La Plata, like the nearby ghost town that was founded during the silver rush of the late 1800s. Powder also will offer guests guided backcountry tours of Wolf Creek Canyon with more than 1,000 acres of pristine snow.

The area had long been poached by locals so resort officials chose to guide in the area to capitalize on the access and have some more control. The only way you'll be able to ride in the area, however, is with a tour or by purchasing a "backcountry upgrade" on your season pass for an extra $100. The pass also gets you half off a Powder Safari.

A full-day tour of Wolf Canyon includes two guides who will take you to open bowls, chutes, gladed trees, provide lunch, and a private shuttle back to maximize your vertical. Ski and Skin the area if you prefer the old-fashioned way. Guides will tour  Wolf Canyon if you have the skills, gear, and stamina. You get one cat ride up Lightning Ridge and the guide. The cost is around $300 for up to six people.

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